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Of course, the present and the future may be more important, but we’re also proud of our history, even if it’s only to emphasise that we’re not just a one-hit wonder. In fact, we’ve been a successful and leading engineering business for the last 40 years. What was founded as a modest engineering company in 1973 by Ben and José Warmerdam, has now expanded to become a medium-sized enterprise. Eval has been installing electrical engineering, refrigeration and computer-controlled climate-control systems and water technology for countless satisfied businesses ever since. In the beginning, the glasshouse industry and bulb growers (cultivation and export) were our most important markets and that’s still the case today. Later we expanded our customer base and Eval was also commissioned to install building engineering systems, mainly electrical, in industrial units, offices and housing.

Although Eval now employees around 20 permanent members of staff, it is still a traditional family business. Nowadays Ben and Nathalie Warmerdam (son and daughter of the founders) have responsibility for the running of the company and its personnel. They too hold the technically superior quality of its services and the short lines of communication in high esteem.