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No empty promises

Plain speaking, sound advice, trustworthiness, keeping to our word, quality, flexibility: just a few keywords that help describe our mission which we have drawn up internally. They are all aspects that engage us actively on a daily basis. After all, the last thing our clients need is empty promises.

We’d like to sum our business up in three clear and concise words:

Reliability in Technology

The slogan encapsulates exactly what we stand for and what customers can expect from us.

Always the best solution

When it comes to refrigeration, climate control technology, electrical engineering and water technology, you can count on Eval. Our roots are in the agricultural industry, where the lion’s share of our customers can still be found. However, today our electrical engineering systems  can also be found in office buildings, factories and industrial units.

Each situation is, of course, different. Our technicians always arrive at the best possible solution by listening to the needs of the customer. Not only do they look at how systems can operate as effectively as possible, but also at key aspects such as reliability and energy consumption. The result is a customised solution, where you can be sure you’re not paying over the odds, either at the moment of delivery or during use.

Always at the ready

Even after installation, Eval is always ready to step in and help. In the unlikely event of a technical breakdown, we can be on the spot in next to no time. Lines of communication are short and our helpdesk available 24/7.

Eval is an official dealer of SERCOM climate computers. Click here for more information about these high-quality systems.